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United to fight the virus, we are a great crew and everything will be fine.

Dear Presidents, Delegates and Sailors, Putting the bow to the wind, we are all resisting against the impetus of the viral storm that has hit the whole world, making our best personal and professional skills available to all, amplified as never before by our sailor spirit. #everythingwillbefine but in the meantime #westayathome to allow all health systems and all citizens of the world to effectively fight the virus that infests us. In perfect harmony with the SAILING Champions League, we are following the development of the pandemic very closely and we expect the racing season to be disturbed by the virus and thus that all National Sailing Leagues monitor the evolution of the pandemic and adapt your program according to the ministerial and marine affairs bureaus of each of your nations: ISLA's first priority is #healthcarefirst. We shall continue to put the bow to the wind and we will adjust our programs, without ever stopping our efforts to reach the common goal: eradicate the pandemic. The International Sailing Leagues Association is with you and with all sailors in the world. Per aspera ad astra.

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